WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 2009 9:54 AM, CDT

The fluid around Olin’s heart is actually worse than it was yesterday. The plan is to ‘agrressively diurese’ with diuril and increased lasix, as well as the spironalactone, and ‘replace as necessary’. Translation: they’re going to screw up his electrolytes in favor of helping his heart beat. Balancing the side-effects of fubared potassium and decreased stroke volume/blood pressure could be interesting.
Tomorrow afternoon later, they’ll repeat the echo and if it’s not significantly improved, go back to the OR, re-open his incision, and do either a pericardiocentesis or a pericardial window. Well, the surgeon’s description was ‘open it up a
little and put in a drain’, which could technically be either option.
So, will probably be here at least two more days. We shall see.

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