THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2009 6:42 PM, CDT

He is back out of surgery. Again. If I never hear that pathetic, hoarse little I’ve-just-been-extubated cry from any of my children again, it will be too soon.
Anyway, he has a chest tube exactly like he did four days ago, except this one goes in through the bottom of his original central incision and across into his pericardium. It is offficially a ‘pericardial window’. They drained about 50mL of
fluid off initially, which isn’t that much for an adult but is for a kid his age. The plan is, unless something else goes wrong, to pull the new tube tomorrow, and head homeish Saturday or Sunday.
We shall see.
Right now, the glorious combination of morphine and about 3 ounces of formula has sent the little guy off to dreamland.
One little occurrence that I did think was funny… In the OR, they took a ‘specimen’ and sent it up in a bag with a date and time collected labelled on the outside along with his barcode…. It was his socks. I wonder how they documented that on the OR notes. “Protective dermal covering obtained from pedal region bilaterally.” Or something. hehe

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