FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2009 2:02 PM, CDT

Olin is doing pretty well, today, all things considered.
Tim and I got a very late start, due to a general unwillingness to get out of bed and having to wait for the laundry to dry. We figured we’d miss rounds, but the surgeon has several cases today, so he won’t be here until later this afternoon. We did miss the other services, but it’s the surgeon who makes the final call, anyway.
His PA was up to see us for a few minutes, going over meds and doing some of teh discharge instructions, though. Sounds like we are on track, for the time being. (Well, for the new track, anyway.) Olin will (probably) have the chest tube
pulled this evening, a quick echo and another round of chest X-rays tomorrow, and should be able to go home tomorrow.
He’s definitely bored out of his gourd, because a stroller ride is cause for instant celebration and kickying. Right now, he’s just sitting in the stroller in the room, because we’re all tired of walking around the unit in a circle, but he still seems
happy to get out of the cage – I mean crib.
The antibiotics have started doing bad things to his digestive tract, again. We tried to find the local health foods store on our way to the hospital this morning, to pick up something usefully probiotic, but failed. We’ll try again later this
afternoon, maybe. If we don’t, we’ll be dealing with the nasty diaper rash and accompanying screaming sometime in the next day or two.
Olin will be going home on quite a few meds; enalapril, furosemide, spironalactone, omeprazole… I don’t remember what-all else, but that’s enough. Luckily, they should all be relatively short-term.
Things are (or will be, soon) looking up!

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