FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009 8:43 PM, CDT

I have been accused of withholding information! I’m not, I swear, just busy back in to the grind of semi-normal life. Olin had another follow-up echo this week. His ejection fraction has improved by a couple percentage points. He will likely be on the enalapril for up to six months as this improves slowly. However, he is now semi-officially off all of the other meds. The lasix is being titrated down slowly, but we should be completely rid of it by the end of the week.
Signs of improvement all around!
He is definitely feeling better – the inconsolable screaming has finally disappeared, and he is back to his cheery self. He definitely has more energy than before, though I bet he’ll gain even more as his recovery progresses. He is even tolerating very short periods of ‘Tummy Time’. (Like a minute or a minute and a half, if he rolls over himself.) He sits up well, and is standing with support. No stepping motions yet, though… And I have to say, I’m not really heartbroken about that. A few more days before I have to spend my waking hours chasing after a toddler who moves faster than I do!
In 11 days, my ‘infant’ will no longer qualify as one. He’ll be one year old! Wow.
Speaking of which… Everyone is invited to his very first birthday party, which will be happening July 5th at 6PM at our house in Waukon. Bring your own lawn chairs, and a dish to pass if you so desire. Kids welcome! (We have a huuuuuuuge backyard, so outside toys are welcome, too.)

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