A Trip to the Park

I took the two youngest to the park today, while Olin was at school. It was a bit of an experiment in how this summer will go, with two very mobile kids and one very much not. It was warm enough that I wasn’t concerned about Evie (although I was chilly when the wind blew!) and AJ was completely oblivious to the temperature.

Everything went pretty well, as long as AJ stayed interested in the sandbox and slide. Once he started wanting to venture out to other, more distant parts of the park, chasing him with the stroller got to be a challenge. He has been in a willfully disobedient phase lately, so “AJ, come here!” incites him to run full-speed in the other direction.

Let’s just say the trip ended, as just about every one usually does, with AJ strapped in to the car seat, crying while I scold him for not listening, and running off when I tell him to stay by Mama. *sigh* Someday, he will obey. I hope. If not, he’ll be spending a lot of time at home, in the house, where I can keep him safe and contained.

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