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I have been journaling/blogging/what-have-you all my life, starting with composition books full of scribblings, and moving to the internet when it became available to me. I have had a LiveJournal for something like eleven or twelve years, and have tested out many of the other available blogging sites and software packages.


Then I had kids, and Facebook came along about the same time. Suddenly, text was no longer sufficient to describe my situation. Family and friends clamored for photos of the kids as they grew, and quite frankly, I was proud to show them off… I still far prefer the medium of the journal posting for sharing stories to go along with the pictures, though. The scrapbook feature of LJ is exceedingly clunky, and I have a deep-seated aversion to FB as a primary communication source. I believe that – for the most part – if it’s worth writing about, it’s worth making the effort to make a descriptive, verbose entry with run-on sentences and personal reflections interspersed with the observation. As you can tell…


Anyway! I have been designing websites for as long as I have been journaling, and I love the control that having complete access to the backend gives me. So, when I couldn’t find a journaling medium that allowed me to do photos as I wished, I decided to make one. What you are looking at now (assuming you’re looking at what went live in piecemeal fashion in May of 2012) is a Joomla platform, bent to fit the blogging plan that is swirling around in my head, with the addition of RapidGallery to allow for the nifty scrolling photo functions in applicable entries and, as of this moment, a stock template with the general feel of what I’d eventually like to design.


In the future, I have plans to add comment functionality to the entries (if not the photos) and possibly some other odds and ends like contact and introduction pages. For once, though, I have real content for a site, and I can create the content first and add the design elements later! Woohoo!

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