Train Evening

My eldest, Olin, is absolutely obsessed with trains. Specifically snow plow trains, but he loves trains of all kinds. As Lance puts it, “Olin loves trains more than you or I will ever love anything.” Recently, I discovered that there is a museum here in town that has a remnant of track and a few old train cars on the grounds. I have never seen the museum actually open, but no one has ever objected to our visiting the train cars outside, so we do from time to time.

Wednesday night was my first attempt this summer at taking the boys for a ‘picnic’, and at taking all three kids to a destination at the same time. It was… Relatively successful, I guess. We all survived and the boys had fun, but I had a terrible migraine by the time we got home. It’s just easier, right now, to have two people to chase boys. Two-to-one is fine, three-to-one get to be a challenge when the boys don’t listen. If they would just do what I ask them to, or at the very least not run off where I can’t see them, it would be significantly easier. Might as well ask the sun not to set, thought.

In any case! Here are a few photos from the adventure. The boys really enjoyed the “breakdown train,” and Olin had as much fun pushing Evie around in the stroller as he did checking out the train cars.

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