Autocorrect Fail

For anyone who knows me, there is no surprise how much dramatic misspellings, horrible use of apostrophes and other common English grammatical fails entertain me. (Occasionally, those involve my own faux pas – granted.)[And autocorrect didn’t like faux pas – good grief. I cringe at every inappropriate use of grammar, misuse of you’re, and have been known to step completely out of my professional bounds to let someone, somewhere know that “it’s” and “its” are in no way the same thing. (Yeah, that was last week. Sorry.) I read fine print on everything just to find misspellings and misprints, and find a certain amount of joy when I discover them… (Even in my own work, so critique away! I’m desperately free-form, so good luck.) Because of that, some of the funniest things I discover on the internet are horrible misuses of spelling and grammar. So far, the most embarrassingly-hilarious has been Damn You AutoCorrect, which has a weeks-long (which, for the internet, is a lifetime) reputation of providing me with hilarious autocorrects for seemingly-innocent texts. And the more innocent the intent, the more hilariously inappropriate the autocorrect. No connection, I just enjoy the… How do you even explain that? Hilarious misuse? If you have other sites, I would love to hear about them!

Bonus: the best parody ever.

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