“Treasure Hunting”

My husband has been “treasure hunting” in the past. This is a practice of whatever flavor of Christianity we are, where people pray and meditate and receive ‘clues’ that could be vague impressions or specific things to watch for. They write them down, then go out in the community as an act of faith and search for people who meet some or all of the criteria. Oftentimes, they encounter people who are surprised by their insight or interested in their message in unexpected ways. I have heard about this a number of times, but never actually been a recipient.

This afternoon, my pastor’s wife from the Waukon church called me to see if I had “time to talk”. She is a wonderful woman, but we have very little in common interest- and persepective-wise. We had encountered each other very briefly the day before in the grocery store, in a situation where we recognized each other but I could see she was in a conversation and I needed to keep going, so I said, “Hi, Robin! How are you? Good? Great, have a nice day!” Nothing interesting in the least.

This afternoon, she called to tell me that she had been “treasure hunting” that day and had gotten impressions for ‘paisley’ and ‘brown hair’. I happened to be wearing a purple paisley top and had dyed my hair just brown enough to cover the weird smoothie tone, so I fit those criteria. She didn’t have time to talk then, and called me today to say that she thought I was a recipient and to ask if any of her other key words fit my situation. She said specifically ‘wrist’ and ‘something about a muscle’ which reminded me of the tattoo that I VERY recently acquired, so I told her about the correlation. She was absolutely convinced that the message was a confirmation of the promise in my very personal symbolism. She reiterated that the placement of my art meant it was a message for me and not so much for other people, and said “I really feel like this is God confirming his promise to you.” Not the typical message one would expect from a pastor’s wife under the circumstances, but still pretty awesome. When we hung up, she was more excited than I was. After a couple of minutes of thinking about it, I cried a little and remembered to myself why I had crafted the design in the first place.

Pretty cool.

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