What Normal Looks Like

I try not to cross-link other people’s posts very much, but every once in awhile I discover one that I think deserves some recognition. This is an article that makes me feel better about the laundry mountain in my dining room, the piles of stuff to protect from the kids that fill every corner of my bedroom, the general disarray of my ‘decorative’ cabinets, and pretty much everything about my continually cluttered house. The “my house is such a mess” apology when you walk in to someone else’s mostly-immaculate home that either makes you feel completely inadequate or makes you wonder what level of anal-retentive that person really is… Like, every part of this description. I live in that house. If you have kids (or grandkids, or a significant other, or pets, or just more interesting things to do than clean your house and no personal cleaning service) you probably do, too.




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