one of a kind

imageThis is the kind of thing that makes me worry about the future of humanity. I saw these yesterday while I was wandering around the pharmacy, waiting for a prescription. (I also saw a sign that said: “I’m a hybrid, I run on chocolate and wine,” and another that said, “I need a glass of wine or I may sell my kids.” Both of those had more positive messages than these socks, in my opinion…)

What is wrong with this picture? We have several identical sets of 8 pairs of socks, all labeled ONE OF A KIND. At the very least, couldn’t they only put out one pack at a time? Sort of perpetuate the illusion, as it were. Or even do a pack of 8 different complementary patterned socks? As far as I can tell, the only truly “one of a kind” (i.e. unique) thing in this situation is me for noticing the sad misuse of the language.

Hah, that reminds me of a sign that I saw in a fancy French restaurant in Plano, TX. We were there for lunch and had salad and quiche and a very large, very delicious muffin. On the wall, though, was a sign that said “Compliment your meal” followed by the wine list.

“My goodness, quiche, you are looking lovely this evening.”

Good grief.

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