Traffic Reality (Just Do it!)

For those (as far as I know, three) of you who imagine that I just know you’re reading by your showing up on my site… I have spent the last three and a half hours specifically trying to figure out who actually visits my page and/or my site hit statistics via the ‘backend’ hosting and/or frontend content management systems available to me. They are effectively useless.

I have the real confirmation of one model railroader and my sister-in-law within the site. I sort of thought that from all the facebook links to entries that my close family and friends would have known about my site, but they’re always amazed. My blog does not record your every click. (Or if it does, please send WordPress a sincere WTaF on my behalf, because I cannot see anything you do beyond an actual comment without paying extra.) My real hosted site statistics are stymied by some obnoxious requirement to sign up for Google All-My-Stuff which I refuse to subscribe to out of a sadistic sense of self worthlessness versus actual monetary value. (ie I refuse to pay extra for something that ought to be part of the deal, since you’ll surely charge me if the traffic exceeds allotted values but apparently won’t show me if it doesn’t, unless I pay…) The fact that my real ‘person’ host hasn’t charged me in quite a long time and is an actually incredibly charming, elegant, intelligent and entirely amazing Australian notwithstanding… Seriously. I ought to be able to see my traffic on the backend without paying extra elsewhere. This is in no way Louise’s failing, it’s a hosting and traffic reporting fubar. Dreamhost… I’m pretty sure this is your business. (Month report, not available without configuration and fee, day report not available without configuration and fee, long-term report not available at all. What the actual eff? Stats are not that hard. People did them before Google with general raw data. I had better traffic and IPs when I did it off my own stinking computer.  I had them available through YOU before Google and extra fees. Just sayin.)

For you, the reader: Comment, please! It is my life force. If you don’t clap enough, the fairy will die. Hah, ironic in internet times but also serious. I love to blog, but if I get no response whatsoever, I may as well quit wasting the time, effort and money required to take the pictures and video, edit it/them, write about it and then maintain the blog. Not a plea for clicks or whatever – as I’ve said beore, I get ZERO for this page – except your feedback.

And as an aside, if you can help me figure out how to get this system(WordPress) to give me my actual traffic statistics without paying MORE for something that ought to be obvious, I’ll be enormously grateful, but… Yeah, other than knowing I’m not talking to myself, I love the feedback. Also, I don’t expect you to be erudite. Comment on something that strikes you. Just do it! If all you say is “*like*”, I still know you did.

Edited at the end:

I’ve looked for literally hours at the options for WordPress (my chosen vessel, as it were) for options where I could simply get an idea of where and how many people cared to view my posts, and long enough otherwise to be completely confused and felt run-around by my hosting… It’s sort of obnoxious that simply knowing isn’t a thing. When I had websites in the ’06-’09 period, traffic was a major part of funding and was immediately available. I can only market sub-commercially, now. Cripes, if I tried to ‘market’ to my various interests, everyone would be confused. I would say including me, but I have been confused by my own interests and given up already. I like what I like. I just want to write about those thing, and see who cares to read. Because in all seriousness, my own mother has not bothered to comment.  And I know she knows about the blog, because she has briefly complained in person. So, I just want a real idea about who reads. Don’t pretend you’re erudite. I’m not. 🙁

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