“Model” Railroad Fangirling

(Feature image stolen with my compliments from the manufacturer…)

So, like… I know a few model train aficionados (Over the internet… The only Real Life(TM) model train fan I know is Olin…) who are seriously in to their “locos”… The engines. Locomotives. They’re kind of cool, they actually drive the trains on the models and apparently linking more than one ‘loco’ can pull a bigger train even on the models (albeit with different mechanics) but I’ve never been super interested in them beyond recognizing that the steam locomotives have an undeniable character and artistry that modern engines lack, and certain eras (like the ubiquitous Santa Fe Flyer) are more childproof than others, simply because they lack any outside details like railings or smokestacks. There are a few specific ones that interest me for their aesthetic and historic value (like the “Big Boy” – the largest steam locomotive ever produced) but for the most part, purchasing one for my model railroad hasn’t even been considered.

The other day, I was reading the latest issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist. Yes, I have gotten to the point where I actually read periodicals related to my unintentional hobby. The fact that MRH is free dramatically increased my readership. (I looked at buying a subscription to Model Railroader, but what they wanted and what I was willing too pay differed by about $17.99…)

Anyway, I came across an ad for a very, very pretty engine. I love blue. I’m not a huge fan of the style of modern diesels because I think they look clunky and utilitarian in an era when our clunky and utilitarian automobiles are engineered to look sleek, but I do understand that people don’t tend to look at trains, anymore. And apparently, no major railroad has chosen to use blue as a primary color, because I simply do not see that as an option in models. That’s part of the reason why I noticed this one. When I followed the link, I sort of fell in love.

Apparently, this model has been available for awhile in larger scales, but is just coming to HO. I think it’s beautiful. I love the color scheme and the sort of silly ditch lights that indicate charging or not by direction… They’re pretty, no matter which way they go.


From the “reviews” Olin has fallen in love. He’s in love with any loco he sees, past or present, but this one I also think is pretty special. What we think and what our budget says are two drastically different things, but… Maybe someday!

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