Major Accomplishments

foldingpileI didn’t take a true “before” photo, because it probably would have inspired the Health Department to make a visit. Suffice it to say that the dining room was in pretty desperate need of some help. There were twelve or fourteen loads of laundry that needed to be sorted, folded and put away, the table taken down yet from Christmas, a pile of too-small clothes and toys to take to the van to donate… Someone had smashed a glass Christmas ornament among the shoes and not cleaned it up, someone else had done some sort of epic cutting and coloring project and not cleaned that up… The dining room was a serious wreck. This picture was after about four hours of cleaning and folding. Yes, that is an 8 foot long table, completely covered in laundry. There are two more baskets full that aren’t even in the picture. It took me another two hours to get the stuff moved to the correct locations in the house, and there are still baskets that I haven’t managed to get put away, yet, but…..

This is what it looks like now.


That is what I call a major accomplishment! I’m totally proud of myself. I did get some pretty good help from Lance, who took on the major job of sorting the downstairs toy box with “help” from Evie and Sera, and who helped me drag baskets of laundry upstairs when it was time.

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