Sleep Troubles

I was up way too late last night, looking at cool stuff on Amazon and Hobbylinc and listening to an audiobook version of “Xenocide” (the third novel in the Ender series). I didn’t actually get to sleep until, like, midnight. Then, Seraphine woke me up at 2:45AM or so, screaming her head off to be held. I brought her in to bed with me, and she proceeded to chatter, complain, whine, pull my hair, and crawl all over everything for the next hour and a half. At 4:30, I had enough and put her back in her crib, put ear plugs in so I wouldn’t have to listen to the whining, and went back to sleep until 6ish, when the alarms started going off.

My kids have a tendency to migrate to my bed overnight. We offer stickers as incentive to “Sleep in your own bed all night!” but very rarely does anyone achieve it. We shoo them back to their own rooms when possible, but sometimes it’s just not worth the fight. Also, as long as they don’t put their cold feet on me, or sneeze on me, or dump a glass of cold water on me at 3AM (I was mad for like two days about that…), I like the company. Our bed is two extra-length twins stuck together (which approximately equals a king) and there still isn’t room for everybody, sometimes. More nights than not, Tim ends up going downstairs and sleeping in the recliner. He is usually the monkey that falls out when we all roll over.

This morning, I was apparently not the only one who suffered shenanigans. AJ told me very seriously, “I did not sleep very well last night. Seraphine was whining and talking to me all night, and Olin licked me twice.”

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