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This post’s purpose is to establish whether the “read more” problem is with the most recent photo, or with the specific post preceding this one(ie First Ride of Spring). Archives seem not to be experiencing problems. Here we go.

Except, I actually need more text than my simple test paragraph to trigger a ‘read more’ on my very smart background software. So, I will jabber on about nothing for a moment and see how willing you really are to click “read more”. Who knows – there could be comedic gold under here.

Sorry, nothing terribly funny, but I suppose you’re owed at least an explanation. Apparently, there is something buggy about the particular gallery that I set up for the problem entry with HugeIT Gallery, a “free” plugin for WordPress that I very recently discovered is free only in the supremely crummy iterations. If you would like your very-nice-in-the-descriptions ‘open source’ galleries to look like other than crap, you must pay. Which is, I suppose, only fitting. You get what you pay for.

But, while I can’t specify the resolution at which you see my photos, the plugin did work pretty decently, until that one post. There’s a bug somewhere, I’m sure. In the meantime, I manually posted the thumbnails to the rest of the pictures, and they might work or they might not. We’ll see. If you happpen to use WordPress and have a recommendation for a non-ridiculously-involved photo organizing plugin that is free or VERY affordable without being cheap, I’m interested. I loved the original “Gallery”, but it doesn’t seem to play well with WordPress, and WordPress suits my needs rather well.

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