Building a Better Mill (Thinking Out Loud)

In looking all around the interweb, I believe I may have found some pieces that will work within the reasonable budget. I found about three different buildings that were gorgeous, in stock and perfect: a wood kit flour mill, a power sub-station and another styrene mill kit, but they all cost upwards of $70 and one had the unmitigated nerve to cost $139.90. I simply don’t have that kind of money to drop on a ‘kit’ – especially not one that will need some help to fit in my layout. So, I went looking a little deeper, and accepting a little more…

I have been impressed with the Design Preservation Model kit builds that I’ve seen and the one I’m building right now has treated me relatively well, so far. (Provided that you recognize it needs a little ‘help’ to come together.) I think that if I kind of “kitbash” the DPM Freight Depot and a few key pieces from the Modular Structures section, I could come up with a nice custom structure.

Railrunner130 on came up with another option that is hovering on the outside edge of my budget, but is actually probably both a closer match to my inspiration building and space constraints, but will require less dinking around with a hot X-acto knife to cut walls to the right dimensions. The Stone Shingle Mill by CC Crow. This guy also has some ‘plain’ stone wall castings that have a month-long lead time to ship, but it looks like the odds are good that he has one that ‘matches’ the stone walls of the mill.

Some things to consider while I keep looking, anyway.

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