Fair Time

[This is more of a photography post than a narrative.] Last Thursday afternoon, Lance and I took the kids to the county fair. We didn’t get there last year, and this year there was a very narrow window (like, a few hours) when we had time and energy to do it while it was still going on. We don’t usually stay very long because once all the ride tickets have been spent, the kids get bored pretty quickly. (I do, too, to be honest.)

The fair in Decorah is pretty small, but they do have a nice little petting zoo, the 4H exhibits and there is a sandbox that is, ironically, the biggest draw. The rides tend to be pricey, but not so pricey that we can’t go on any.

This time around, I brought my camera to see if I could get some good photos, and was rewarded with a few decent ones. No really stellar shots, but adequate cute!

Seraphine was initially very upset by the idea of goats, but eventually got comfortable enough to chase them around a little bit. The other kids had no problem, of course.



IMG_3513AJ was very upset that we had to be at the petting zoo, and could not ride the huge, expensive, flippy-upside-down ride. He was too short and there was no way I was going on that thing with him, so he pouted about it. Look at those gorgeous eyelashes!



IMG_3526On the other side of the spectrum, Olin managed to find a train to ride and was enormously pleased about it, even though it just went in a circle. I got a few bigger smiles, but this is probably the best picture of him. Seraphine rode the train, too, but she was just chill about it – she was nowhere near as impressed as Olin was! Evie and Seraphine rode the carousel, as well, and were excited about the “cows”.

IMG_3531 I took the three older kids on the Tilt-a-Whirl, which is my personal favorite. I wasn’t sure how much Evie would like that, but she got to sit right next to me and I held on to her for the whole thing, and she loved it. We actually went a second time ‘just us girls’. Fun! No photos of that, of course, because I participated.

Once we’d exhausted our tickets, we went through the livestock and display building portion, which meant the obligatory stop at the Bruening’s sandbox behind the grandstand. Every time we come to this particular fair, that ends up being the place we spend the most time. Seraphine almost got her picture taken for the newspaper, but she was tired of posing by the time the lady got off the phone. I got a good one, but I’m much more interested in getting a great picture of this particular kid.


We finally convinced the kids to abandon the sandbox when Olin noticed the cows. Seraphine loves cows. When we walked in to the cattle barn, she freaked out and started pointing at each individual cow, yelling, “Cow!” and finding renewed amazementIMG_3577 and enthusiasm for every single one. “Cow! COW! Cow!” Hilarious. Video would have been great. Unfortunately, the lighting in the barns is miserable for picture-taking. I tried anyway, because itwas adorable. This is the best shot I ended up with, and I blew the background out completely in post so you could see her expression. Cows are amazing! Lance says, “Look at that nose.” Not what I was focusing on, but very nicely profiled nevertheless!

IMG_3605Our last stop was at the mini-tractor display, which Olin found irresistible.IMG_3619


Also, I attempted to get a very fair-y photo of Evangeline eating cotton candy, but that was not happening. She is adorable in real life, but I couldn’t seem to capture a decent frame. The montage of fails is fun, though.



Most of these were done on my camera’s portrait setting at 55mm, which is a step up from point-and-shooot, but I’ve got a ways to go where framing and lighting are concerned!

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