Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. Let me give you an idea of what it was like:

    • the latte machine was broke, so no commemorative pumpkin spice latte for me (I did wear the yoga pants, but passed on the Uggs)
    • I had to work
    • I got summoned for jury duty and spent much of the morning trying to find a replacement at work
    • work was otherwise nuts because coworkers think I am telepathic and clairvoyant
    • babysitter bailed
    • had to take all 4 kids to a doctor’s appointment for #1 that couldn’t be rescheduled
    • refereed iPad War 3,547 while trying to hear what the doctor was saying
    • #1 had scripts to fill
    • #4 screamed her head off the entire way through the store because she did not actually want the thing she so desperately wanted
    • latte machine was still broke
    • did all the things with 4 helpers, which made them take 8 times as long
    • could not actually talk to people who called on the phone because the decibel level in the house was too high
    • dinner was a huge mess because #2 and #3 insisted on helping and then didn’t eat because a combine showed up to start harvesting the corn across the driveway, and it was the Best. Thing. Ever.
    • when they finally came inside, #3 insisted on reading 5 stories out of his early reader, which took approximately as long as the first three chapters of


It was a long day.

But on a good note, I’ve managed to make it to 34!


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