If you love them, let them sleep!

When someone walks into your bedroom when you are sound asleep and wakes you up to say, “I’m gonna let you sleep, I just wanted to say hello,” you would expect them to turn around and walk back out, right? Or even better, not have awakened you in the first place unless there was vital information to impart. (Saying hello in no way counts as vital information.)
What if, instead, they proceed to begin an extended conversation. A conversation that requires paying attention and periodic coherent responses from you, but is in no way whatsoever critical, or even somewhat important. Then, after several minutes (when they have made sure that you are thoroughly awake and won’t be able to go back to sleep) they say, “Okay, I’ll let you rest,” and walk out…
Are you allowed to be annoyed about that? Is is deliberate sabotage? Or is it just obliviously inconsiderate?
When it’s the 6-year-old that does it, the latter might be assumed. When it’s the 35-year-old, one has to consider the former.

Then later, when aforementioned adult saboteur comments, “Wow, Mama didn’t get her rest out, last night!” about your snappiness… Isn’t that just salt in the wound?

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