The Price of Water

If you have ever subscribed to the saga of Olin, you have learned about tornadoes, washing machines, and water. Anything that swirls in a vortex. (Like my sanity). Water swirls gloriously, when it falls down a drain. Olin knows that and tests it in every capacity. He runs water. Quietly, once he noticed when we heard…

We have bought lava lamps for him to disassemble. Tornado lamps for him to test to breaking. Fidget spinners go round and round until he ruins them by disassembly… Lazy Susans… The washing machine, the dryer… He is systematically destroying my ability to be his mom(or anyone else’s mom: I have 4 kids) by ruining the things that I need to be his mom.

Our water bill this month was $266. That’s /nuts/. It’ /hurts/. It’s easily more than $75 beyond what it should be without Olin’s ‘vortex’ obsession. That is $130 beyond what water should cost, and I can’t afford it.

Tim works 60-70 hours a week, and I have two jobs that add up to about 45 hrs/wk, plus the household.

I can’t afford this. I also have no recourse and no help. So: welcome to my despair.

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