Understanding the Why


This morning around 11AM, Olin decided to ride his little red wagon through the busiest intersection in Allamakee County. Tim says he heard a knock on the door, assumed it was one of the kids (who were all playing outside), …

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Only What You Can Hold

I am a “dreamer” of sorts. I often remember most or all of my dreams, but every once in awhile I have a dream that feels like it has a weight of significance about it. Sometimes, the interpretation is pretty …

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The Hunger Games

Childhood insatiable hunger is a common symptom of Microdeletion 16p11.2. In our house, it is one of the most difficult to deal with. Before Olin was diagnosed with ADHD and started taking medication for it, he was hungry all the …

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There He Goes Again

Last December, we moved to town after several years in the countryside. Starting in the springtime, Olin would disappear from our yard, sometimes several times a day. He didn’t answer or return when we called, so I frequently found myself …

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Juicervose, Choo Choo, and Interpreting Autism


When I was driving home last Sunday afternoon, I turned on WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) to keep myself awake on a boring, tired drive. Unexpectedly, I was plunged into a very familiar, closed, intimate world: the world of autism. The …

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Age Before Beauty


For a year or so, I have been having this odd problem with my eyesight. My vision will get “jiggly”, and I can’t focus. It feels exactly like nystagmus. If I shut my eyes and shake my head, it goes …

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I’m ba-ack!

My site was down for awhile, because… reasons. Something yadda yadda WordPress hates me. I found a tutorial and swore at it for long enough, and now the site is mostly back up. I did figure out that my subscribe …

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It’s Not 1999

reminiscenceHappy 2017! We are, despite the sociopolitical drama, still alive! Someone reminded me today, through Facebook posts talking of New Year’s Eves-past, of the fervor surrounding the Y2K crisis, and how New Year’s Eve can be more than a reason …

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