Drawing Wars


AJ invented a game called “Drawing Wars” tonight that was unexpectedly amusing. The rules are, you get 5 minutes and a piece of scratch paper to draw anything you can think of, then there is war. So, the ones on …

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Here’s How TV Gets ASD Wrong, and Why It Matters


It’s probably a sensitivity to the subject, but characters that seem written “on the spectrum” pop out at me. Shows that make ASD a hook pop out even more. Every time I find one, I have to watch at least …

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I’ve Got an Olin


I’ve got an Olin. He’s unique, and he’s challenging. Those are some positive words for him. What follows are some more realistic words about him. This morning we’re being liars together, Olin and I. “You said you were sleeping,” he …

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The Sweeper or Olin’s Depot Find


I love to visit The Depot, a non-prof secondhand store in Decorah. It is, in short, a perpetual garage sale that takes donations from the community and donates its profits to local charity organizations. There are amazing deals on utterly …

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The Barstool Story


So, when Tim and I walked through this house, the previous owners were still living here. All their stuff was here (well, all the stuff the real estate agent let them keep after staging). I didn’t open cabinets and peer …

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And Then It Happened!


(This entry is about August 10th, 2018.) We closed on the house! The day we were shooting for was August 15th, but the banker suddenly decided August 10th was better,  and was that okay? The response can never be “No” …

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The Shelter Saga: Part 3

We still had a ton of paperwork to do. I pulled together every document I could think of to throw at the application, called various companies to request letters of credit, talked to former employers to have them fill out …

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The Shelter Saga: Part 2


A long concrete driveway without too many cracks in it leads up beside this brown gabled house. It’s set way back in the yard and three giant trees block most of the view, so there isn’t much to see from …

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