Understanding the Why


This morning around 11AM, Olin decided to ride his little red wagon through the busiest intersection in Allamakee County. Tim says he heard a knock on the door, assumed it was one of the kids (who were all playing outside), …

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There He Goes Again

Last December, we moved to town after several years in the countryside. Starting in the springtime, Olin would disappear from our yard, sometimes several times a day. He didn’t answer or return when we called, so I frequently found myself …

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Juicervose, Choo Choo, and Interpreting Autism


When I was driving home last Sunday afternoon, I turned on WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) to keep myself awake on a boring, tired drive. Unexpectedly, I was plunged into a very familiar, closed, intimate world: the world of autism. The …

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To the [Person] who did a [Thing]

There appears to be a plague of smug, self-congratulatory passive-aggressive jackasses on the internet who find it necessary to write “open letters” to strangers about their parenting, or their reaction to parenting. This seems to be the formula: Dear, [Person …

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If a child falls and nobody’s offended by it, do you still blame the mother?

So, somewhere in a zoo recently, a kid accidentally fell into a gorilla cage. The gorilla was shot before he could kill or save the child, so the chance for the hero animal angle was lost… but caretakers’ understanding of …

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Autism and Me (The Sibling)


For approximately five years, there have been various support personnel in my sphere – from DHS home visitors to medical doctors – who have asked me if I had any questions or needed any information. The one thing that I …

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Parenting Now: Drowning!


In winter, we frequent a ‘nearby’ (re:40 min drive one-way) indoor hotel ‘waterpark’ with a shallow baby pool that maxes out at 13 inches, one backyard-length slide in the shallow bit, and one ‘real’ water-slide that has a whole lot …

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Evie’s Surprise Change


My eldest daughter is defined by her own sense of artistry. She can turn any question in to a production by simply placing herself in a pleasing arrangement. The day before yesterday, she did a hilarious and elaborate interpretive dance …

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