SATURDAY, MAY 23, 2009 10:16 PM, CDT

Since people keep recommending it, Suzi and I had dinner at the Canadian Honker, tonight. Seems kind of naughty to be sitting around eating prime rib while the kid is lying in a hospital bed.
I think I’ll get over it. I am not a steak person, usually, but I was impressed. And $15 for a prime rib dinner was, according to Suzi, not bad at all.
Now, for sleep. Olin has one chest tube out, one to go, is gorked on morphine for the night, and has a big day of more lying around and complaining, tomorrow. I think we’ll try the holding-the-baby thing again, since we have several fewer lines to mess with.
Oh! I forgot to mention, they disconnected his pacemaker, too. The wires are still there, but they’re capped off and tucked under a dressing so he won’t yank on them.
The plan at this point is to come home either Tuesday or Wednesday. I am supposed to work on Wednesday night, and I’d like to be there for the discharge instructions and stuff, so I hope it’s Tuesday, but I don’t want to jump the gun,
either. He’s definitely still needing the morphine to be comfortable. We’ll see how the next couple of days go. The other chest tube will hopefully come out tomorrow afternoon, and then we will be down to just the neck line, the pacer wires, and one peripheral saline lock. Seems so bare-minimum in comparison!
He is not eating a whole lot, but he is eating, and they think that’s a good sign. According to the nurse, how well they eat is a huge factor in when we go home.
Here’s hoping. G’night all!

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