SATURDAY, MAY 23, 2009 7:43 AM, CDT

Olin had a good night, last night. He didn’t have any junctional rhythm issues like he did last night, he slept pretty calmly, and had a bath early this morning because he threw up a bunch of mucus along with his bottle.
He had a chest X-ray early this morning, also, and it looks about the same as last time, so despite his very crackly lungs, he hasn’t given himself an infiltrate. (Thank goodness.)
His hemoglobin was 8.3 this morning, so he’ll get a little blood right away here.
Chest tube out today possibly – one of them, anyway – and we’ll be here for sure until Tuesday, because that’s when his next echo is scheduled. He had an EKG on Thursday and is due for another Sunday.
He is definitely more alert this morning, and the puffiness in his face has gone down quite a bit. Still not back to normal, but definitely better.
Suzi and I just sang him to sleep. Being us, there was harmony, of course. I think we may have put the nurse to sleep for a minute, too. hehe

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