TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2009 9:55 AM, CDT

Accompanying photo completely incongruous with nature of entry. 😛
We started packing too soon, apparently. The echo showed Olin has fluid on his heart that they are calling “severe but not tamponade”. The Dr. Burkhart’s PA seems to think we’ll have to do an evacuation and keep him another night.
Well, okay, the cardiologist came in and decided that they didn’t actually need to do a procedure, but they’d still have to keep him another night.
Weee-eell, shit. Excuse my French. 😛
As you can see, Olin doesn’t know the difference, and doesn’t seem to mind. I, however, now have more ‘arranging’ to do. We checked out of our lodging. RMH says we’re still number 12 on the waiting list. (Wow.)

Might have to call Joy, after all.

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