SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2009 4:05 AM, CDT

I haven’t gotten a chance to update until just now – sorry!
Olin was discharged (finally!) Saturday morning. We said our goodbyes at the Well House, packed everything up, and headed home. Olin slept most of the way and did very well in his car seat. We were very worried about the logistics of
getting him in and out of the car without picking him up the ‘normal’ way, but it wasn’t as impossible as we though it would be.
He definitely knew when he was home, and was very happy to be there. I walked in the door and set him on the floor with a couple of toys, and he smiled and played… At least, until Daddy came home, and he turned to see what the noise
was and fell over. Ouch.
He came home on quite a few meds, but it looks like most of them will be discontinued after two weeks – the lasix, spironalactone and enalapril, anyway. Thank goodness. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a kid to swallow not
one, not two, but five syringes of nasty? Ugh. I feel sorry for the kid. Anyway! We’re all very, very glad to be home. I’ll kep updating as Olin improves, but probably not every day, since the fun ought to slow down a little for awhile.
Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts, words, prayers and gifts. We very,very much appreciate it!

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