Beautiful Sunday

Today was a bit of an adventure. I took the boys and Evie to church where the boys had a blast playing with the train table in the nursery, and Evie fussed through the service. After church, we got lunch at the drive thru, and then went to the park to play for a little while. The original plan was that Lance was going to get off work at 1PM and meet us at the pool, but when I called him at 1:30, he had just barely gotten off work. I decided the boys weren’t going to play patiently much longer, and thought I would take them to the pool before they got too tired and naughty.

That actually turned out better than I thought it would – the boys kept me (very, very) busy, but I could handle it and Evie slept through the entire adventure, which made keeping her happy much easier. Had she woke up and decided she wanted to nurse, I don’t know what I would have done. Lance showed up eventually, and we played for another hour or so, then bundled everyone in to the car.


AJ was asleep before we had gone six blocks, and Olin fell asleep just over the bridge in Marquette. I could do with a nap, myself!

I did manage to get a few cute pictures, today. The pool is miserable for attempting to get a decent shot of anyone, but there are some cool pictures on the playground. I took a bunch of Olin because he was really adventurous! He climbed up on a bunch of equipment that I didn’t realize he had the balance or endurance to do, and did quite well. He made it to the top of the jungle gym, climbed over the stepping swings, and even climbed down a rock wall – stuff I expect from AJ, but is incredibly impressive when it’s Olin doing it!


Here he is navigating the swing-step things, and celebrating after he made it down the rock wall.


There are quite a lot of pictures in this album – give it a moment or two to load, please!

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