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I pretty much realize that no one but me even knows about this site, but I feel obligated to make an ‘under construction’ post. I recently realized that joomla was mostly unsuitable – without major modifications – for the use that I’d like to put my domain space to, which is essentially a family-rated blog about my general and specific interests, with functionality for comments, tags and photos linked specifically to entries. I did my best to achieve that through joomla, several free and paid add-ons and a lot of time spent dicking around in the settings, but eventually (it only took me, like, four years) I realized that I didn’t really want what I had to work with. Thus the total reboot. My (few) public posts are saved and will be eventually reincarnated, but this has always been and probably always will be a seriously obscure testing ground. If you know about it and were curious enough to click: I apologize and assure you that I have wonderful aspirations. For my own self:… …. Here’s some more inane content to attempt to format in to what I have imagined. We shall surely see what happens going forward.

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