Prosciutto. Er, if you say.

I am still sort of confused as to how, but prosciutto has appeared in my fridge. I thought initially that Tim had some culinary ambition that involved it. I left it alone for awhile to see what would happen. After awhile, I thought it might go bad before someone did something with it, though. It did look potentially interesting in that “sushi” way, so I asked Tim about it. He had no idea at all about what it was or where it came from, so I did some research.

Prosciutto is supposed to be like bacon, sort of, I guess. It’s a bacon-like topping for… Hipster sandwiches, as far as I can figure. I love bacon! So, I tried it.

Holy… Ew. EW. That is not bacon. It’s not even good in the weird-but-acceptable sushi way. It’s just ew. Maybe it went bad already. Maybe it was bad to start with. I don’t know.

But, it’s also expensive, from what I’ve seen in the store, so I’m reluctant to throw away someone else’s nasty lunch meat. It’s the same sort of dirty trick as olive loaf or head cheese, I suppose. So: whoever put prosciutto in my fridge, please come eat your stuff. Coz we won’t. Ew.

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