Design Update: Purple Family Theme

Hey guys, notice my new ‘do? It’s all thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, amazing photographer and all-around good sport, Angie Johll! She humored me in my attempt to capture a specific vision, and wasted most of the afternoon on her birthday to help me achieve it! She took all the photos for the new site, and was an incredibly good sport throughout. Post-work is mine, so any weird Photoshop fails you find are completely my fault. The base WordPress theme is called “Travel Blogger” and is available as a free download for WordPress users. All I need is a desperately clever tagline to associate paper-tiger with being an eternally-frustrated momslave, and my website has pretty much achieved any vision I ever had for it. (And if you remember some of my aspirations… That was a lot!)


Comment here if you have a good tag line! I’d love to read them!

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