Procrastination Entry #4275

I have literally fifteen loads of laundry waiting around to be completed, either sitting in a pile waiting to be washed, or sitting in a pile waiting to be folded. And by literally, I mean the real definition of the word. Yes, we have too many clothes and towels. We probably have so many because half to three quarters of them are dirty or waiting to be folded at any given time.

The entire house is a disaster. I’m half-tempted to take pictures, just to illustrate to you what a state of general dishevelment the place is in. But if I did, you would probably call either CPS or the CDC. Possibly both. Except, it was those rotten little midgets who made the mess in the first place. This house was clean on Friday.

I don’t want to do anything. I spent most of the morning staring at my iPad while the kids pounded on the computer keyboard and made the computer make error noises. I wasn’t even on social media, I was just playing the “Power of Two” mode of Bubble Xplode. It’s curiously peaceful, although there is no ‘winning’ at it, you just play until you can’t anymore, and then you lose.

Then, I made lunch, fed the girls, and then laid on the living room floor and let them crawl on me, then listened while they tag-team-tortured the cat. I’m pretty sure he was playing along, because he didn’t actually go away, he led them around the house a few times, then sat in a windowsill and played catch-my-tail with Seraphine while Evie combed his fur with a Duplo and told him about cat fashion. (I’m not even kidding. She was all like, “You a cat, Cat. You got cat fashion. You can’t have cat fashion, Seraphine. That’s mine. You a hooman.” If I could catch these things on video, I totally would, but getting the camera out always kills the moment because it shifts their focus. I want a Google Glass, just so I can stealth film cuteness.)

Now, I’m further procrastinating by writing a completely pointless journal entry. And once I’m done with this, I’m going to try to figure out how to get this layout to insert the publish date somewhere in the title line or just below it, because having a journal with no dates visible on the front end makes no sense. The entries are archived by month, but you can’t tell when something was written otherwise. Silliness.


Edited to add: Oh, hey! Apparently, I’m stupid. The dates don’t display because I had them disabled. Nerrr. And now that I re-enabled them, I realize why I had done that in the first place. There’s only one “author” on this blog, so the author archive function is totally pointless. And now we know. *headdesk*


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