Train Table Wish List(s)

I was talking to my mom the other night about what is actually ‘needed’ to get the train table(s) fully operational.

The actual items needed to make the Riverside Blue Line layout fully operational are as follows:

1 Bachmann EZ Track Auto Reverser

10 insulated plastic rail joiners

1 EZ Track terminal rerailer, straight or curved (either will work)

8 Green turnout switch wire extender thingies

(Note: I am sticking completely with EZ track and EZ Track components on this layout. It’s just less of a headache all the way around… The layout will WORK without the switch wire extenders, but once they’re all installed, Olin will be able to operate all the switches from one central place.)

Things I’d “like” at some point are pretty much endless, but primarily include a Bachmann EZ Command module and a couple of DCC locos. I think Olin would love running multiple trains. Actually, I know he would. Our DC controller is a bit dodgy and may give up eventually, but I’d like to get the layout operating fully with one engine before I make the switch to “serious”, though.

The TTFH really requires a knowledgeable person with DC train wiring experience to hold my hand. Lacking that, I have discovered a secret cache ofgrandpas online who know about troubleshooting, and they have given me a few very pointed, useful suggestions already. When I have time, inclination and a good area heater for the basement, I will begin the sleuthing.

(Updated 12/28)

Re-updated 1/11/15

Now, I have no idea what I’m actually doing and what’s going to be necessary. Good grief.

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