There Goes the Security Deposit

What a nice, peaceful afternoon… Watching the snow fall, dinking around on the internet looking for intermodal cranes (like ya do), listening to the kids play… Wait, I don’t hear any kids playing.

“Evie, what are you doing?”


Well, that’s stark evidence that she’s up to something…

Yep. She found a bottle and proceeded to use the entire thing to decorate the kitchen Gentian violet.



There goes the security deposit. -.-

This is /after/ the first round of attempting to clean it up…

On the good side, lots of isopropyl alcohol and scrubbing left most of it with just a subtle violet shade. I’ll give it another once-over after awhile, I suppose.

Between the gentian violet, rubbing alcohol and vigorous scrubbing, that portion of the floor is actually probably the cleanest it has ever been. So, there’s that.


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