Just a Normal Day

Olin, AJ and Evie are using the dining room chairs to alternately play “train” by sitting in the seat and poking their feet through to the next chair and grabbing on, or “bumper cars” by using the chairs as projectiles and attempting to give each other or themselves head injuries. They’re mostly avoiding Seraphine, but every once in awhile she gets in to the gray and gets run over a little bit.

Every few minuted, Evie gets overwhelmed and cries, runs over to me, gets told “If you play with the big boys, you’re going to get hurt, Evie…” and then runs back in to the fray, giggling.

Seraphine has rejected all her clothes and redressed herself in a sparkly necklace, a winter hat and nothing else, and is staggering around in only that.

Every time I get out of my computer chair, the three oldest appropriate it for a merry-go-round.

I would be interested (though maybe not surprised) to know the average decibel level around here during waking hours.

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