Elsa vs Megatron

This weekend, Evie managed to fill her sticker chart and earn herself a new toy. Today, I needed to do some shopping, so I took AJ and Evie along with. As I was leaving, I mentioned to Tim that Evie qualified for a reward. “How’s AJ going to take that?” he wondered. I predicted that AJ would try very hard to convince Evie to use her toy credit on something that he wanted.

Sure enough, he had her pretty well convinced that she needed to get a Megatron or Bumblebee (Transformer guys) for “her” toy… All the way up until we got to the actual toy area, that is, and I made AJ go in another aisle while I tried to get Evie to figure out what she really wanted without his politicking. Turns out that without AJ’s very convincing influence, what Evie wanted was “Ew’sa an’ Onna”. I kind of figured as much, and helped her find a not-completely-unreasonably-priced “Ew’sa”. “Onna” was nowhere to be seen. Evie was enormously happy with it, though, and carried it all over the store. AJ was extremely upset with her treason, and tried to convince her that she didn’t really want an Elsa doll at all, because Megatron was a better Transformer than Elsa…. And he most certainly is,  since Elsa is a snow queen and not a Transformer at all, but the fact remains that it wasn’t AJ’s choice to begin with. I tried to explain this to him, but he was determined to help Evie see the error of her ways. Once she had the doll in her paws, though, Evie wasn’t fooled anymore.

We had a very serious toddler conversation about “who was who” and decided that Mama was Elsa, Evie was Anna, AJ was Sven, Olin was Olaf, and Daddy was Marshmallow. I cannot disagree with any of these determinations.

On the way home from the store, AJ was disgusted with the whole thing, and made me stop singing so he could say, “I tried to get her to get a Bumblebee so you wouldn’t sing the ‘Let it Go’ song, Mom!”

On that sentiment, I think his father would most likely agree. ^.^

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