It Worked Again! Could this be the new norm?

I thought I had to work, this morning, so I got up and went to work around 7:15. When I got there, I found out I wasn’t actually on the schedule at all. I texted my other scheduling contact to see if I had the wrong location written down, and he said no, so I went back home!


More impressive logistics!

Tim was awake and getting breakfast for the kids, and since he was planning to be home until noon anyway, we thought we’d try the bike riding thing, again.

We brought the little blue bike, AJ’s bike, the Honey Bee trailer (since we had the hitch for that one), the Burley pedal trailer, and of course two adult bikes. Logistics is always interesting, but we have finally figured out how and in what order to load things so they fit optimally.

I love taking pictures of the back of my (dirty – we live on a gravel road!) van with all the bikes loaded, because it is a very visual representation of the priority we place on this activity. Good grief.


It is impossible to ride, shoot, and level the horizon.


This time around, I pulled the “princess carriage” and Tim took the pedal trailer, which Evie has decided she prefers to ride on. (And that’s fine, as long as Olin doesn’t need it.)AJ rode his redajride bike and Olin took the itty bitty blue one. We started at the trail head and went clockwise this time, under the bridge and all the way to the ‘second’ bridge over by the Palisades drive, and then back.

Olin did almost the whole thing by himself. There is one pretty good little rise and I cought up to Olin there to give him a little encouragement and a push when he couldn’t get going anymore, and the kid was cheering himself on even before I got there, saying, “I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!” I’m pretty sure he thought he was the Little Blue Engine, but it did get him up the hill in a manner that far exceeded my expectations.elebike

We only had one meltdown, and that was because Evie did not want Olin to have a turn on the pedal trailer, but he needed a rest from the little blue bike.

We’re still going to need four-kid capacity for any sort of more serious ride, but I think… I think this summer might actually work! One more successful bicycling outing like this, and I think I’ll call it “not a fluke.”

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