Tiny Political Rant (Edited Posthumously)

Hah, I resisted a rant about how the Kansas football team’s marching band very deftly – ‘Star Trek” reference or not – illustrated the fans’ desire for its opposing team to ‘eat it’. I had a post for that; I deleted it cos that one would be worse and garner even fewer comments (if that’s possible). [Additionally, I’ve edited this entry slightly because in retrospect, I know what I was saying, but no one else might.]

Instead, I present my presumptuous 20-who-the-f*-ever-cares political debate assessment:

Second to Deez Nuts (who can’t actually serve even if he wins, being only 15), I think Trump might actually be the best candidate because he is willing to make a STATEMENT, right or wrong, and then, like… make ANOTHER statement without backpedaling. Nobody else on any side will bother to say what they stand for until it’s fully paid for by a supporter, and even then, they use unclear superlatives… They hedge and abet and qualify until what they say has no meaning whatsoever. Trump will at least stand by his being a goddamn idiot, occasionally.

He’s like, “Yeah! I don’t know! I’ll make a decision on what I DO know! I’m an idiot, but at least I’m MY rich idiot!” And then every once in awhile, he’s like, “I’m a bigot! I don’t know what life is like for peasants! What the fuck do you think I’m here for, idiot? My money backs me in my bigotry and I will never understand you peasants! My policy probably offends you, but the truth is that you will never really matter until I get your vote! NOTHING matters to these obnoxious pretenders except your vote and never will after. So love me now! Hate me now! But love me in the booth…” He is more explicitely clear on what is wrong with our current voting system than any other candidate ever can or will be.
He’s an idiot, but at least he’s an idiot with some ideas and not afraid to say what they are. If Deez Nuts is out… I’m voting for Trump. Just saying. Grass-roots, realistic candidates with ideals that match mine? Killed before they started every time. Gazillionaires that don’t have the backing of any stupid party but make their statements unashamed… Still fail, even after Ross Perot. But a bold, candid, “real” candidate with party backing might actually make the cut for candidate.

At least he’s being real, guys. Bush was/is/always will be a product simply because of his name. [How terrifying that a world leader with a red button can’t even pronounce the use of that button correctly? Nu-cle-ar, dude. Seriously.] Clinton is SO a product. She wanted it last time; she took off her corset. Now, she’s taking off her panties. Watch out, world! This is not about finding the best person for our country, it’s about making sure everyone knows we are the laughingstock we’ve become. The United States used to mean “Leaders of the Free World”. Now, it means “Leaders of The Never-Offend-Anyone-Convention… Sorry, Convention was Too Strong. I mean… Meeting.”
But, don’t worry… Even if by any long shot Trump gets in, you still have Congress to stymie any real “hope and change”.

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