Drawing Wars

AJ invented a game called “Drawing Wars” tonight that was unexpectedly amusing. The rules are, you get 5 minutes and a piece of scratch paper to draw anything you can think of, then there is war. So, the ones on the left are all AJ’s. On the right is Daddy’s land and sea defense with Tomahawk missiles and rail guns, then is mine (Yes, the first long-range weapon I thought of was a trebuchet), then Evie’s, which is apparently a Mini Cooper under a smoke screen. She spent most of her time having me spell out “Better batch your fire!” and writing it on the opposite side.(Propaganda! Love it.) Last was Daddy’s hilarious endgame. It’s the President with a nuke. 😂

[This is a copy of a Facebook post from February 28th, 2018, that I didn’t want to lose.]

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