Walther’s Cornerstone Merchant’s Row II


Let me just put it this way: this build was a major learning experience. I don’t think I quite realized what I had gotten myself in to when I chose it. It did turn out pretty well in the end, …

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Light Blocking Merchant’s Row – Experiment #2


My little LEDs finally arrived and I finished the light-blocking on the cathedral. I cut out a bit of black card stock the size of the base, and then cut a square hole in the center of that just big …

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Light Blocking/Sealing for Plastic Model Buildings – the Molly Way


I could title this entry in the way every other DIY or ‘life hack’ article on the internet is at the moment: “She Arranged Tea Cups and a Flashlight and You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next…” Except that would make me want to poke …

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Cathedral Remodeling and Stained Glass Adventures, Part 1


While I was on eBay looking for mills last week, I came across a built-up church for a good price from the same seller as I got my water wheels (combined shipping, always nice) so I added it to my purchase, …

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Olin Station (Atlas Passsenger Station 706)


This is a review/assembly of the Atlas Passenger Station 706 kit. (Click on images for higher resolution versions.) Olin wanted a station for his trains, so I went looking for one that was visually interesting and suggested it to Grandma …

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Sci-Fi Best List (with Bonus Silliness)


There’s nothing like a good science fiction book or movie to bring out the shamefully-uneducated, mostly irrelevant armchair scientist in me. Read a good one, or (less likely) watch a good one, and I can rave for hours about the …

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