Walther’s Cornerstone Merchant’s Row II


Let me just put it this way: this build was a major learning experience. I don’t think I quite realized what I had gotten myself in to when I chose it. It did turn out pretty well in the end, …

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Light Blocking Merchant’s Row – Experiment #2


My little LEDs finally arrived and I finished the light-blocking on the cathedral. I cut out a bit of black card stock the size of the base, and then cut a square hole in the center of that just big …

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Mini Project: Scratch Ladder (Scratch Roof Access Preface)


I have been building the Walther’s Merchant’s Row II  in HO scale for a friend, and the roof has been giving me fits. Frequently – and very much so on my table-height layout – the roof is the most-visible aspect of …

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Light Blocking/Sealing for Plastic Model Buildings – the Molly Way


I could title this entry in the way every other DIY or ‘life hack’ article on the internet is at the moment: “She Arranged Tea Cups and a Flashlight and You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next…” Except that would make me want to poke …

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Cathedral Remodeling and Stained Glass Adventures, Part 1


While I was on eBay looking for mills last week, I came across a built-up church for a good price from the same seller as I got my water wheels (combined shipping, always nice) so I added it to my purchase, …

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TTFH Update


I was asked on the model railroading forum for an update with pictures on what I was doing with the train table. I tried to make a video of the changes, but I made the mistake of trying to do …

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Mad City Rail Show


Yesterday, I packed up Olin and Seraphine and took off for Madison, WI for the Mad City Rail Show. Whenever we go somewhere and Olin asks where we’re going, we make him guess. His first guess is always, “A train …

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TTFH: Mostly Operative!


I am starting to get a little out of order with my updates… Mostly, I have a couple of REALLY HUGE ones to do (like the Texas trip!) that are sort of intimidating me, so I’m procrastinating about doing them, …

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