Why paper-tiger?

When I first accessioned this domain, I imagined the paper-tiger that was all the notebook pages that I and my friends had wasted on creative writing, poetry, scribbles, artwork and drafts. Also, there was a Magic: The Gathering –  Unhinged card that suggested “The paper tiger is quick to fold.” I thought it was entertaining for the Rock Lobster and Scissors (something) that completed the circle, as well as the idea of a paper… tiger. I don’t know, it just captured my imagination. When I went searching for the true origin of the paper tiger, I discovered a number of quotes, but the most legitimate seems to be from Mao Zedong circa 1956, who says, “”In appearance it is very powerful but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of; it is a paper tiger.” He was referring to the United States at the time, but I think that could be applicable to a number of challenges that I (and everyone) face on a daily basis.

Another face, if you will, of the paper tiger is the sheer amount of clerical and analytical work that I do to maintain a household. I am the paperwork guru in my house, and I have to be because the sheer volume of forms that must be completed to maintain a household such as ours could easily overwhelm someone. If something plumbing or carpentry-wise needs to be fixed, we call my father-in-law. If something mechanical/vehicle-wise needs to be fixed, Tim takes care of it. Paperwork is my purview – and it’s a part time job by itself. I have discovered that if I have a problem, sometimes throwing the right paperwork at it makes it better, if not making it go away. And for that reason, I’m a sort of paper tiger tamer.

The domain is perhaps slyly ironic considering my situation in the world right now, but that was never really the intention. Mostly, I just liked the name and have managed to hold on to it this long. It is always for sale, but only for a price that makes it worth my time to move and find a new – similarly awesome – domain name. Irrelevant but short does not mean less useful than relevant but too long, in this day and age.

September 23, 2014Molly

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